About Us

Project Foster Care brings a united front by shedding light on a shattered Foster Care System, while also sharing the hidden beauty that lives inside. To give a voice to children, and encouragement to all those at the forefront of Foster Care.



Meet the Team



Shellie Nichol

Founder & President


Bruce Wagnitz

Board Member

Bruce¬†also serves on the board of 2 other groups. He dedicates his time to working closely with individuals in the foster and needed care areas around the world to come up with new and beneficial programs designed for our children and older youth. His goal is to make these programs available to communities around the country/world so that children can have access on a need basis. Bruce is often asked to speak and join communities to help bring needed programs to their area.¬† Gladly working to help our children in need, he developed the” Fields of Hope ” Network and radio program to be able to reach as many people as possible to help.